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3 Cool Presentation Software Ideas to Wow Everyone

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It’s been 28 years since they launched PowerPoint. Can you believe that? And for all these years we have all loved it and hated it, at the same time. Nonetheless, maybe it’s now time we gave it a short rest. Here are some pieces of presentation software you can use instead of the faithful PowerPoint, to wow your audience.

3 Cool Presentation Software Ideas to Wow Everyone

1. Prezi

Short and sweet, Prezi is one of the most exciting pieces of presentation software you’ll ever come across. Although it does allow you to import your preexisting PP presentation, the best thing to do is to build a Prezi from scratch. The first thing you’ll see is the canvas, of course, then you have the transformation tools as well as the whimsical templates. The latter also have awesome transitions.

If you need or want to learn more, you can also check some examples on their website or some tutorials. Indeed, some users have reported back saying the tools comprised within the app itself are a bit difficult to use, our advice is you stick with it. If you do, your presentations will be truly outstanding.

2. AuthorSTREAM

This presentation software comes with a desktop and web app. You can upload your PowerPoint presentations here so that you can tinker with them some more. The really cool thing about this app is that it can allow you to share your work in a private, public, and social media kind of way.

You can also protect all your presentations with a password so that you can keep the content and your ideas safe from prying eyes. Did we mention this presentation software comes with live streaming, customized channels, and several formats which you can upload to YouTube, Vimeo, and other such streams?

3. Zoho Show

If you are familiar with PowerPoint, then this presentation software will be a walk in the park. Just like the old PP, it too has master slides, customization, and templates. It also allows you to insert all the videos and animations you want, images and transitions.

Some more fantastic features include your possibility of editing pictures online via Zoho, building flowcharts very easily, and adding shape effects. Not only that, but this presentation software supports more than one person editing the same presentation, broadcasting the results over the web, and all sorts of embedded features.

You can also make good use of its automated version tracking.

Some more online pieces of presentation software include Empressr, Jux, HelloSlide, Knovio, myBrainShark, myPlick, SlideBoom, PreZentit, Vcasmo, TimeGlider, and Zentation.

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Author: Amanda Knowles