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3 Content Writing Tips from Professionals

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Do you aspire to be a content writer? Then you should know that sitting in front of the computer and starting to write isn’t enough to be a successful content writer. Professional content writers are well aware of the many content writing tips aspiring writers should know. Moreover, they’re more than happy to share those with you. For today’s article, we’ve gathered 3 content writing tips coming from professional in the field, so that you learn what content writing is all about.

It is true that the first rule for a writer is to hold his audience. – Gabriel Josipovici

Professionals Share 3 Content Writing Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Research Keywords

Writer Ben Sailer of CoSchedule talks about their process of selecting guest blog writers, saying that one of their first requirements is for the writer to come up with a keyword. Unfortunately, Sailer says, not many people know what that means, which he considers disappointing for the business of content writing. In his opinion, a good content writer should be able to research keywords and include them in his or her articles. He even explains how to do it.

First, you use a keywords research tool, such as Moz’s Keyword Explorer or Adwords Keyword Planner. Then, after you find a keyword that people usually search for on Google and other search engines, you take that keyword and find a way to integrate it into your article.

2. Start with the Most Important Information

If you’re used to writing essays and starting with an explanation of what you’re about to discuss and so on, you should know this doesn’t apply to articles. If in an essay, the conclusion is where you sum up the most important points of the essay, in a web article, you need to start with the most important information you’re about to present.

Henneke Duistermaat, writer and contributor at Copyblooger, explains that you should start your content with a statement that’s important to your visitors, such as one describing what you do. You can follow this by adding other important details. Only after that, you can include the background information that people who are truly interested in finding out more about you will read. In journalistic terms, this strategy is called the inverted pyramid. Its goal is to help people who read the article understand what it’s about, even if they only read the first paragraph.

3. Write for the Reader

The last content writing tip we want to discuss today comes from content strategist, consultant, and author Kathryn Aragon. She urges people not to write for themselves, but for the people who will read the content. What does this mean, you ask? Well, first of all, don’t write about the product, Aragon says. While this may sound strange (after all, you’re trying to get people interested in the product), it will eventually make sense.

Ultimately, people don’t care about the product itself. They care about finding a way to solve their problem. If your product can do that, you should write about it as such. Imagine the reader’s perspective when you write. You should write about what they want to read, carefully including details about your product as well.

The next time you have to write an article, keep in mind these 3 content writing tips and apply them accordingly.

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Author: Amanda Knowles