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10 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out for and Use in 2019

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Content marketing has long been a method used by businesses and freelancers to attract attention and push potential customers and clients into and through the sales funnel. As the new year looms, take a look at the emerging trends in order to reap the most benefit from all your marketing efforts.

1. Strategize for Success

Build a content creation strategy focused more on a holistic approach that focuses on company goals and how you want to connect with consumers. Success is not just a number’s game anymore.

2. Brand Storytelling

Company transparency and personalization boost new forays into marketing. Consumers want to know who they are doing business with. Brand storytelling gives them that personal connection.

3. Diversify Content Types

Connect platforms and content types instead of just writing blog posts or tweeting. Use social media, video, audio, the internet of things (IoT), and even VR. Craft a diverse web of company mentions and proof you are an expert in your industry or niche.

4. Go Mobile or Perish

The usage numbers for mobile computing continue to skyrocket. Make all content types accessible and visually appealing on any size screen. Branded apps create the interactivity people crave.

5. Automate Your Efforts

The programs, plugins, and apps marketers use in 2019 grow more robust and effective. Automate everything from newsletter signups and sending to social media posting and more.

6. User-Generated Leverage

Utilizing the posts and reviews people write about your company, products, or services strengthens brand trust. Make consumers more vital to ongoing success. This will also encourage them to post more positive things about you.

7. Target Influencers

Part of a successful content strategy involves getting others to share what you create. Target industry or niche influencers to expand audiences rapidly.

8. Live and Short-Lived

In this highly interconnected world, people want the same access to their favorite brands or businesses. Live chats, live streams, and 24/7 replies to social media and other comments boost the content in their eyes.

9. Build an Evergreen Base

Despite the immediacy and omnipresence of content in 2019 and beyond, evergreen options still play a major role in SEO and consumer connections. Build a strong base of text, graphic, and video content to improve brand permanency and reputation.

10. Update Prior Content

New methods do not mean the old content is useless. Repurpose and reformat old blog posts and more into new formats. Turn a blog post into a video. Chop up an old article into Facebook posts. Create an infographic from a list.

Looking forward to the new year?

Content marketing trends you should use in 2019 shift the focus from high-quality and high-quantity to a more personal and immediate focus. Diverse content formats created by diverse creative talent offered on a diverse array of platforms is key to ongoing success with your content marketing strategy.

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Author: Amanda Knowles