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The Cons (and the Pros!) of an Office Romance, Debunked

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Office romance stories are quite usual. Even so, not everybody considers the idea of two co-workers starting a romantic relationship good. While there are definite cons of an office romance, there are also some pros that people who are thinking of getting involved in one should be aware of. Today, we’re going to discuss both the cons and the pros of an office romance, and see how many of them are a true matter of concern and to what extent.

Pros and Cons of an Office Romance


1. Spending Time Together

One of the biggest pros of an office romance is that you’re able to spend much more time together if you also work in the same place. This is especially exciting for people who are at the beginning of their relationship. That’s because they probably want to spend as much time together as possible. Still, one must ask how much quality time you can get from that without messing with your productivity at work.

2. Understanding Each Other

Oftentimes, relationships tend to be challenging when the partners can’t understand their loved one’s dedication to the job or the difficulties they’re going through. A major pro of dating someone who works in the same place you do is that you can talk about the job and share things with each other without fearing the other person won’t understand. This can only be a problem when the office romance policy points to a conflict of interests. In this case, you can’t actually share too much.

3. Sharing Interests

When two people work in the same place, they’re more likely to find common areas of interest that can lead to a blooming relationship. You’ll find plenty of things to talk about, and they might bring you closer together. Still, this is not the case in every office romance. You can in fact work in the same office and have nothing in common.


1. Starting Speculation

There isn’t one work environment where at least one person gossips or starts speculating about a new romance. Especially if the romance is between a senior partner and an employee. People will assume the employee is getting preferential treatment, and he/she might without the people involved in the relationship even realizing it’s happening.

2. Possible Complications

There’s more than one thing that could go wrong when two co-workers start a relationship. First of all, you have to consider whether you’ll be able to keep working with that person or not in case you break up. Second of all, whenever you have a fight, you might bring it with you at work. This won’t only decrease your productivity, but also make the people around you uncomfortable and bothered that this is getting in the way of work related things.

3. Spending Too Much Time Together

Yes, the opposite can be true as well. While it’s great that you get to spend time with the person you like (or love), working together and then going home together as well might become a bit overwhelming. Everyone needs their space every now and then. Luckily, if you have a partner who understands that and plenty of room in your home (assuming you’re sharing one), you can each enjoy some alone time as well.

If you’re thinking of starting an office romance, consider these pros and cons, and how much you think they’ll apply to your relationship before jumping the gun.

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Author: Amanda Knowles