Why Competition in the Workplace Is Always Toxic and How to Cope

Why Competition in the Workplace Is Always Toxic and How to Cope

competition in the workplace

Even though you will hear many people say that competition in the workplace is a good thing, you should know that it almost never is. At least not as long as we’re talking about the traditional meaning of competition. We’re taught ever since we’re children that a certain amount of competition will only motivate us to grow and develop. Furthermore, most companies perpetuate this idea and actively encourage employees to be competitive. However, we rarely reach the balance between too much competition and none at all. Which is why competition turns toxic. Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the reasons why competition in the workplace is something you should stay away from.

Why Is Competition in the Workplace Toxic?

#Some Employees Will Do Anything to Get Ahead

One of the most obvious reasons why we should avoid competition in the workplace is the fact that some employees don’t know when to stop. Consequently, they might end up hurting their co-workers in the process of climbing the professional ladder. It doesn’t matter if they do that on purpose or not. You should never encourage people who criticize everything a co-worker does or who take credit for other people’s work. These are all clear signs of workplace bullying.

#Employees Will Never Be a Team

If you want your company to thrive, you should focus on building an unique team spirit. The people working in your team should get along and respect each other. Moreover, they should know each other well enough to work together for the benefit of the entire team. If you encourage competition in the workplace, you will get the opposite result. You will teach people to only think about themselves and how they can advance in the company. This will severely damage the spirit of the team.

#Stress Levels Might Increase

Think about it, if you encourage people to be competitive, they will constantly be on edge. All they’ll be able to think about is what they should do next or what their co-workers’ next move is. This means that coming to work won’t be something they enjoy doing. Instead, it will be something that they’ll stress about. Consequently, employees will stop focusing on what they have to do, they will lack concentration, and eventually become less productive.

#Employees Might Leave

If some of your employees are not great under constant pressure and feel like their individuality is not appreciated enough in your company, they might look for another job that will offer them what they want.

You should always strive to show your employees that you appreciate their uniqueness and what they bring to the job. Click to Tweet
 Encouraging them to compete with other people is definitely counterproductive to that. So if you don’t want some of your best employees to quit, you should reconsider the amount of importance you place on competition.

We hope today’s article has managed to convince you that you should avoid competition in the workplace, because it can be truly toxic when it comes to professional relationships.

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Author: Amanda Knowles