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Lay the Foundation for Your Company Culture: 4 Tips

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Enacting a company culture, especially one in which you believe, means that you have a clear and constant vision about your business and employees. It also means that you know how you want outsiders to see your business. But how does one set up a company culture? Here are four tips to help build your company culture.

Tips on how to Lay the Foundation for Your Company Culture

1. Set Up a Culture Committee

Think about culture committee in this way. It shouldn’t come from the outside but the inside. Who knows your company values and aspirations better than yourself? What you can do is set up a committee made up of a few key employees. They will be able to prioritize what they believe would help their colleagues have fun, learn, bond, and, ultimately, work better.

2. Never Forget about Past Employees

If you’re wondering how past employees relate to your current culture, here it is. Company culture is all about building a strong foundation for your business to grow on over the years. Let former employees become ambassadors of your organization, brand, and values.

Evidently, you will have to treat them well for this to happen. Never part ways with them in anger. After all, they represent a calling card for all future employees.

3. Company Culture Starts at the Door

In other words, the main piece of advice here is to pay attention to details. When working on your company culture, you must take care of even the smallest things which related to your business. Why? Simply because when a new employee or a client walks through your door, they should know immediately what you and your company are all about.

If that doesn’t happen and you feel you need to explain it to them, then you have already failed. Don’t try to tweak things. In this case, it’s better if you start all over again.

4. How About Landmines?

Even if you have managed to set up a satisfying company culture, problems are bound to appear. The best thing you can do here is to look for them. We didn’t choose the landmine metaphor out of the blue.

You can think of this whole situation exactly like you would be searching for mines. For you and your team not to tread on them as you progress, it’s better to send out a search party. Those will be your risk managers. What can go wrong when it comes to your company culture? Are there some things that you overlooked? Have you taken women’s rights fully into consideration? Is there a culture gap that you need to fill?

Company culture sits right at the core of any successful business. Finding and defining it is a bit like trying to go through a piece of hard candy with a surprise inside. You can’t really penetrate it from the beginning, and you don’t know what awaits you when you do. Still, when you get inside, you just know it’s going to be good.

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Author: Amanda Knowles