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5 Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid

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In the increasingly competitive world of job hunting, having a top-notch resume can go a long way in helping you get that dream job. That is why you have to pay a lot of attention when you are drafting it, so as not to make any of the quite common mistakes that people make in their resumes. Today, we decided to take a look at 5 of these typical resume mistakes, to help you understand what you should avoid.

Common Resume Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

1. Resume Length

How long a resume should be is a topic many people still disagree on. You will hear people claiming that one page should always be enough. Others will say that if you only write one page, the employer will think you have nothing to show for yourself. What is the appropriate resume length, then? Well, we suggest the following. If you are just starting your career, a page should indeed suffice. However, if you already have a certain amount of experience, a two-page resume should do the trick. Only go with three pages if you are already a senior in your field, and you have accomplished a lot of relevant (to the job) things in your career.

2. Too Personal

One of the most common resume mistakes people seem to make all the time is indulging in sharing personal information. Since you are interviewing for a job, what is relevant is your knowledge in the respective field. Not what you like to do in your spare time. Most often than not, questions like these will come up during the actual interview. So there is no need for you to take up space on your resume with this.

3. Too General

You usually have to find a balance between sharing too much and in too many words, and not sharing enough and being too vague. Some people tend to be too general when it comes to previous experience or the skills that might recommend them for the job. If you do that, the employer might feel like you have something to hide, or you don’t know how to successfully asses your past experience. A good place to start, is with a resume objective, stating exactly what you are looking for in a position.

4. Spelling Mistakes

Maybe you think checking the resume spelling should be the first thing on everyone’s mind. Well, the truth is too many people are confident that the spell-checking tools they use are 100% effective. We are here to tell you that is not true. You should personally spell-check your resume several times, until you are perfectly certain there are no errors there. There isn’t anything less reliable than presenting your employer with a resume full of spelling mistakes.

5. Unprofessional Email Address

We’ve all seen at least one email address that starts with “cutesygirl…”. You should know that whenever you are ready to enter the job market, these types of emails are not acceptable anymore. If you still want to use them for your personal emails, go ahead. But you should have a professional email address on your resume. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the employer to take you seriously. Furthermore, you run the risk of your emails being sent straight into the Spam folder.

We hope our list of common resume mistakes will be of assistance the next time you apply for a job and want to make sure you won’t give your employer any reason to doubt you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles