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How Does C2C E Commerce Work?

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C2C E commerce comes from customer to customer markets. It is, in fact, an innovative way that lets customers interact with one another. Today we will present you a brief definition of this type of commerce and we will show you how it works.

What Is C2C E Commerce?

This is a type of commerce that relies on transactions between consumers that are facilitated through a third party. While traditional markets ask for business to customer relationships, a customer to customer market presents the business as an environment where customers trade to one another.

C2C Examples

One example of a C2C e commerce application is an online auction. There, a customer posts an item that is for sale, while others bid for it. In this case, the third party charges a commission or a flat fee. As such, the sites here are mere intermediaries meant to match consumers. What’s more important, the sites don’t have the obligation to check the quality of the products that are up for sale there. Most likely you’ve already heard about such websites: Amazon, EBay, Craigslist etc.

Another example is a newspaper. Generally, it is a B2C type of market, since the customers buy the newspaper. However, the classifieds section can still be considered as a C2C example.

C2C E Commerce Advantages

There are numerous benefits for the users of this type of e commerce. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Cheap

The lack of wholesalers and retailers makes this commerce imply minimal costs. In this way, the prices are lower for buyers and the margins are higher for the sellers. For this reason, C2C is expected to develop even more in the future.

  • Convenient

Internet has made lots of things convenient for people. For example, instead of going to a real store to sell their items, consumers can just list their things online. Buyers will come by without you having to do anything extra.

C2C Disadvantages

  • No Quality Control

With an online selling platform, it’s quite hard to control every item that is put up for selling. Lots of companies try to prevent people from selling illegal services or goods, such as drugs or pirated CDs.

  • Difficult Payments

Even if the entire thing takes place online, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems with it. Not all the platforms are secure or have the ability to process such payments. For this reason, your credit card may be declined sometimes without you having any fault.

  • No Payment Guarantees

Since the buyers are also the consumers, it’s hard to enforce any payment guarantee. Because of this, some people are reluctant to use similar platforms.


C2C e commerce may sound a bit intimidating in the beginning. However, once you grasp its content and the way it works, you can use it more easily. There are, of course, some downsides to it, such as no payment guarantee or low-quality products. Even so, more and more people started using this type of commerce in today’s online industry.

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Author: Amanda Knowles