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4 Experts Discuss Buying Twitter Followers and Why It’s a Mistake

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If you have a Twitter account for your business, and you want to use it to get more visibility, you might have considered the idea of buying Twitter followers at least once. While a lot of followers increase the chances of your business thriving, if those followers are fake, you might actually get the opposite effect. If you don’t believe us, let us present you with the views of 4 experts who believe buying Twitter followers is a mistake.

4 Expert Views on Why Buying Twitter Followers Is a Mistake

1. You Will Damage Your Brand’s Reputation

CEO of Crackerjack Marketing Stephanie Schwab believes that you can actually damage the reputation of your brand by buying Twitter followers. Why? Because they will most likely be a mixture of questionable accounts. That will make real clients wonder whether or not they should trust you and your expertize. Plus, it’s not at all difficult for someone to check which of your followers are fake. So believing you can get away with it can really damage your credibility.

2. Twitter Can Remove Your Followers

Twitter has a strict policy in what concerns buying followers. This means that if your account contains a lot of fake followers, Twitter can remove them at their discretion. So not only do you have to pay good money for this practice, but it’s also not a reliable one. Seth Stevenson, Slate contributor, says that Twitter’s “Abuse and Spam” section is quite clear on the practice of buying Twitter followers.

3. You Won’t Have a Proper Twitter Experience

Diana Adams from SheOwnsIt believes that if you buy Twitter followers, you won’t get to experience Twitter as it was meant to be experienced. What she means by that is that you should strive to make real connections on Twitter, the kind that can help your business develop. After all, social media is all about building relationships with people. If you buy your followers, there’s no way you’ll actually get to interact with them as well. Most fake followers are a one-time thing, which means that after they’ve followed you, they won’t engage anymore.

4. Numbers Don’t Matter

Social media expert Agnieszka Jaskiewicz says that she can understand the impulse behind buying followers. However, she believes that having a certain number of followers only provides you with that – numbers. She stresses the fact that neither of those followers will become actual customers or care about your business in the least. Which means that you’re only buying numbers, which in the end won’t help your business grow. Jaskiewicz advises people to think about the end result instead of the numbers. After all, what you ultimately want is for your Twitter account to have real followers who are interested in what your company has to offer and who have the potential of becoming customers.

We hope these 4 experts have managed to convince you that buying Twitter followers can do more harm than good, and that you should avoid this practice and try to focus on winning customers over with your content.

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Author: Amanda Knowles