Business New Year Resolutions From 5 Successful Figures

Business New Year Resolutions From 5 Successful Figures

business new year resolutions

Most of us make New Year resolutions, and whether they’re related to business or to our personal life, a lot of us also find it difficult to prioritize and be realistic. Sure, the excitement of a new year approaching can make you believe you can do anything this coming year. However, New Year resolutions should be made after careful consideration of your future goals. Because we want to inspire you to write a great list, today’s guide contains the business New Year resolutions of 5 of the most successful business figures in the world.

5 Successful People Talk About Their Business New Year Resolutions

1. Chad Dickerson

Perhaps one of the most common New Year resolutions people have is to learn a foreign language. Knowing a foreign language can definitely help businesspeople. For Chad Dickerson, CEO of Etsy, learning Korean, while undoubtedly useful for business, has a more personal motivation as well. His New Year resolution is an extremely noble one, since he adopted a child from Korea and wants to be able to teach him Korean so that he doesn’t lose touch with his culture.

2. Tony Robbins

Helping other people is a great New Year resolution, and while this may not seem like it can be beneficial for business, it actually is. Apart from providing people with new opportunities, you also get a lot of visibility. Business strategist Tony Robbins wants to provide relief for the less fortunate people in the United States. Moreover, he wants to help people in India with clean water and more sanitary living conditions.

3. Karen Quintos

Women in business is still a sensitive topic in today’s society. That’s why Karen Quintos, who is CMO at Dell, wants to speak up about it. She wants to be more vocal about this topic, since she’s a woman herself and has a more personal understanding of the issue. The fact that she’s extremely satisfied with her current position is what determines her to motivate other people to be champions of change for women’s opportunities as well.

4. Barbara Corcoran

How many times have you felt overwhelmed by work and forgot to take some time for yourself? If the answer is “too many times”, then you should follow Barbara Corcoran’s example. Her New Year resolution is to enjoy herself more and focus less on working hard. Since for her, the past year has been almost entirely focused on work, her future goal is to have more fun. For instance, she aims to go skiing for a total of three days for each day she spends working.

5. Cotter Cunningham

This coming year, we should all be more aware of our impact on the environment. This is precisely why people like Cotter Cunningham, CEO of RetailMeNot, want to raise their environmental awareness. One of Cunningham’s strategies is to eat organic food and cut down on meat. Also, he tries to consume more water, while avoiding plastic waste.

At the end of this year, we’re definitely inspired by these 5 influential figures and their business New Year resolutions. We hope you are too!

If you find yourself stuck when actually trying to keep your New Year resolutions, take a look at the video below for some tips on how to be more resilient.

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Author: Amanda Knowles