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9 Business Ideas for Kids that Will Teach them to be Responsible

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If you look at some of the biggest companies around and their founders, you’ll see it’s never too early to get into a business. Today we are going to look at some interesting business ideas for kids that will help them become more responsible.

Best Business Ideas for Kids

1. Lemonade Seller

Even if your kid is not a scout, they can always get to selling lemonade. You can start your own stand if you have the right permits and if you supervise the kid. They can even come up with new lemonade varieties and be successful in this market.

2. Doing Chores

Most kids will love doing chores for their neighbors for a set fee. Of course, they don’t have to be complicated or hard to fulfill. For instance, you can’t let them mow your lawn, but you can let them broom the alleys, do the laundry, take out the trash, etc.

3. Writing a Kids’ Book

One of the best business ideas for kids is to write a children’s book. Whether you co-author it with your kid or simply let them write it, this can turn into a best seller. It’s easy to publish the book online by yourself or to find a publisher.

4. Illustrator

If you have a kid who is great with drawing, they might start up their own illustrating business. They might do it for other children’s books, newspapers or individual customers who need a one-time drawing.

5. Tutoring

If your kid is older and knows a lot about a subject, they can help other colleagues with tutoring. This is a win-win situation since both kids take advantage of it. However, make sure your kid is well-prepared and has enough patience to teach other colleagues as well.

6. Making Candy

All kids love candy, and a candy-making business can be a hit. After you get the right permits and you supervise your kid, you might end up with a food-based business in your own home. Moreover, children can be quite creative and invent new types of candy.

7. Baking

Just like the candy making or the lemonade selling suggestions, baking goodies is another one of the best business ideas for kids. They can get into making cookies, cakes, bread or anything else.

8. Dog Walker

If your kids love animals, setting up a dog walking business is a great idea. It’s not hard to do and it doesn’t require too much time. Moreover, your kid can learn how to take care of a pet, thus becoming more responsible.

9. Babysitter

This one may be a little tricky, but older kids can babysit younger ones. However, make sure they love spending time with toddlers or kids around their age. They might still need some adult supervision in the beginning.


If you’re creative enough, there are plenty of business ideas for kids. They are quite attractive, but it also depends on what your kid loves doing. If they love other kids, pets or cooking, then you may be in for a huge success in business.

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Author: Amanda Knowles