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4 Influencers Give Advice on Building Organizational Trust

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We all know, or at least can imagine, how important trust is for a successful relationship between an employee and the company he or she works for. Why is organizational trust so important, you ask? Well, the people in charge of the company have to trust their employees. Otherwise, they would never be able to allow them to exercise their talents. The same thing goes for employees. They would never feel comfortable and give their best at the job if they didn’t feel like they could trust the management. If you’re a business owner, you’re in luck. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of tips on building organizational trust from 4 awesome influencers.

Building Organizational Trust: 4 Experts Share Their Views

1. Focus on Community

Nowadays, most companies strive to create a company culture based on collaboration and community. Gone are the days when people were encouraged to compete against each other. True, a certain amount of competition doesn’t hurt. Still, you have to make sure your employees know you expect them to work as a team. Writer and analytics specialist Darcy Jacobsen believes you should strive to connect employees to each other, instead of focusing on hierarchy. Make sure that this approach empowers them and makes them feel like they belong in the company, and they should feel secure there.

2. Be Supportive

One of the main ways to build trust in the workplace is making employees feel like they’re supported. Whenever an employee wants to share something, you should listen no matter whether you agree or not. Always be honest, but keep in mind that you shouldn’t hurt their feelings. Certified speaking professional and author David Grossman advises people to show their support for everyone in the team and be understanding of their needs. Even if they make mistakes, realize that this can happen to anyone. You being able to look past the mistake is what makes employees trust you.

3. Be Fair to Everybody

There’s nothing like showing someone preferential treatment to make the rest of the team lose trust in you. As a group leader, you should be aware of the interests of each one of your employees, and protect them equally. Consultant, HR expert, and writer Susan Heathfield believes that you should never talk about people who aren’t in the room, place blame on someone or allow other people to do it, point fingers, call names, and so on. Your employees will definitely trust you if they know you won’t talk about them behind their back.

4. Be Vulnerable

Some leaders refuse to be vulnerable in front of their team. What they don’t realize is that this can make the team trust them more and form stronger bonds. Marketing and sales leader Mareo McCracken says that one of the best ways to be vulnerable involves sharing real stories with your team, especially stories that deal with difficult topics such as failure and fear. You can use these stories as a learning experience. At the same time, you also get to show your employees that you’re not afraid of sharing things that aren’t easy to share. Vulnerability, McCracken says, is what determines people to connect to each other. This is something that leads to trust as well.

Building organizational trust might take a while, but with these 4 amazing tips from today’s influencers, you can make the process a bit easier.

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Author: Amanda Knowles