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5 Entrepreneurs Talk Branding Strategies

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Branding strategies are one of the hottest topics now. Which one to use, how to apply it, when and where etc. Today we are going to shed some light on this subject and present you the input of a couple of successful entrepreneurs. Through their experience in the field, they can offer some truly useful advice on building strong branding strategies.

Branding Strategies to Inspire You

1. An All-Encompassing Strategy

An all-encompassing strategy relies on having the same elements everywhere you advertise. Aaron Agius is an expert in search and content, as well as a social marketer. He gives an excellent example, that of Coca-Cola. They have been using this strategy for years, and now you can’t imagine their logo or fonts in a different way. The key here is to imagine your brand as a homogeneous and coherent concept right from the start.

2. Selective Strategies

One good strategy in branding is to be selective and choose your battles. Robert Tuchman, who is an entrepreneur and also an executive at CAA Premium Experience, gives a great example. He talks about Floyd Mayweather, who is famous for fighting opponents that are less challenging. Some say this isn’t a good tactic because it seems he is avoiding the toughest opponents. At the same time, he is famous for not having lost a single game in his career. You can also choose reasonable opponents when establishing a brand of your own.

3. Get Customized

Christie Garton is the founder of 1,000 Dreams Fund. Through her experience in business, she offers some useful advice for people who need branding strategies to attract millennials, but not only. One suggestion she has is to get customized. Offering some fun surprises for your customers will help them remember and recognize you anywhere. It’s not hard to let users change the theme of your website, for example.

4. Tell a Story

Everybody loves to hear a good story, right? So, why not turn that into one of the best branding strategies? Vinil Ramdev offers us his insight from the perspective of the founder of CEO Hangout, a community for CEOs. Moreover, he is also a business writer. Briefly, he says that it’s important to create a story out of your business. Let people know how you founded the company, what happens in the office and even include jokes to attract readers.

5. Be Honest

Perhaps the most important of the branding strategies today comes from Thomas Smale. His experience as the founder of FE International recommends him for this task. One of his most valuable advice when it comes to branding strategies is to be honest to your customers. This means to be open about your strengths and weaknesses. Customers will appreciate that and remain loyal, bringing you more brand mentions.


The entrepreneurs above have tested the strategies on their own. As such, you can trust them for a good start with branding your company. Of course, there are lots of other suggestions available online, but it all depends on your vision and position with the business.

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Author: Amanda Knowles