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Top 3 Books Everyone Should Read

books everyone should read

The first thing you have to do when becoming an entrepreneur is investing. Everyone knows that. However, do you know what is one of the most important things you need to be investing in? Yourself. And the easiest way to do that is by reading. With that in mind, we have created a list of the top three books everyone should read when they want to become a young entrepreneur.

1. Meetings Suck | Cameron Herold

This book’s title jumps right of the cover and speaks to you. You can relate to it so well because you, just like everyone else around you has been through this experience more times than you care to even think about. Caught up in a meeting, just sitting there thinking how it’s all a pointless dribble and how they are simply wasting your precious time.

However, upon picking up Cameron Herold’s book, you will soon find out that meetings are not an issue per se. People are the main issue here. Therefore, the book focuses on soft skills, such as knowing how to organize a fantastic and fulfilling meeting. All in all, this wonderful book will teach you how to be a better leader.

2. How to Win Friends and Influence People | Dale Carnegie

Just the title alone makes you want to buy this book, as a promise that it will teach you the most important things in life. You’ve probably heard of it by now as well, seeing as it’s one of the most famous business books of all time. The main thing Dale Carnegie acknowledges here and would like you to understand as well is that people love to do business with individuals whom they like and consider to be friendly.

Therefore, if you’re having a few problems in the area of socializing, networking, and just generally getting people to like you for who you are, this book definitely needs to find some space on your shelf.

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3. Never Eat Alone | Keith Ferrazzi

Speaking of networking, making friends, and books everyone should read, here’s another great one you might want to spend some alone time with. It speaks directly about a challenge every single entrepreneur faces, especially the young ones: building a network while you’re very busy working and constructing your little empire.

This is another hugely popular book that teaches you what to do from a tactical standpoint. This means you will get some pointers on how to penetrate inner circles, how to get everything out of a conference, but also how to handle a rejection with grace. The best thing about it all is that the advice is based on the author’s own experience, which means it has been tried and tested in real life.

These three books everyone should read when trying to secure a position as a successful young entrepreneur are only the start to what should be a vast personal library. Do not shut your mind to books thinking that videos and blog posts are enough. All the great leaders are avid readers. They might be on to something!

Author: Amanda Knowles