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4 Copywriters and Bloggers Give Advice on Writing Catchy Headlines

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You’re feeling confident about the quality of the article you’ve written. It’s well-researched, comprehensive, entertaining, easy to read, and so on. Yet, not many people seem to be reading it. That might have something to do with its title. Admit it, you too are often persuaded to read an article due to its catchy headline. At the same time, when the headline isn’t appealing, you tend to overlook the content, even if it might be great. Which is why coming up with catchy headlines is extremely important if you want people to read your work. We’ve gathered tips from 4 copywriters and bloggers on how to do just that.

4 Writing Experts Give Advice on Creating Catchy Headlines

1. Promise Something

People are naturally attracted to headlines that promise something. Which is why Jeff Goins, best-selling author and blogger, advises writers to use headlines to promise people they’ll learn something new, find out some interesting facts, or even experience something they’ve never experienced before. You have to use words that draw the reader in, that are bold, daring, and even seductive. You want the reader to feel as if he or she is about to unlock some fascinating mystery. However, Goins mentions, remember not to overpromise. Always deliver on what you’ve promised in the headline. If you feel you can’t, then don’t make that promise.

2. Add Numbers

We invite you to think about the following: aren’t you more attracted to headlines that contain a number? For instance, consider “4 Creative Ways to…” or “7 Amazing Tips for…” You might actually be without even realizing it. The reason why, explains copywriter and blogger Hannah Liversidge, is because such headlines promise specific information. They let you know exactly what you should expect from the article. They’re to the point, and it works like a charm.

3. Include Call-to-Action Words

Call-to-action words can make a huge difference in the way people perceive a headline, believes Marina Barayeva, blogger and professional photographer. That’s because, as their name suggests, they actively invite people to do something, at the same time motivating them to do it. For instance, wouldn’t you say that “Ways to Get Rid of Stage Fright” can be more successfully replaced with “Try These 5 Ways to Get Rid of Stage Fright”? We think it could.

4. Consider Expectations

The last piece of advice we have for you today comes from blogger and marketer Nathan Ellering, who believes whenever you’re working on a catchy headline, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your audience and consider their expectations. For examples, if you were to read a headline like “How to Manage Different Projects: 6 Tips and Tricks”, what would you expect the content to be? If your expectations match reality, this will probably be the case with your readers as well.

These experts have definitely inspired us to do our best to come up with catchy headlines, and we hope they did the same for you. If you want to discover even more awesome tips on creating catchy titles for presentations and so on, we invite you to take a look at the video below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles