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5 Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid

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Before delving on what black hat SEO techniques you should avoid, we should start off with a definition. The black hat name refers to those techniques that aim to increase a page or site’s rank by violating search engines’ terms of service. On the other hand, there are white hat SEO techniques which respect the rules imposed by search engines. What’s interesting is the fact that the names come from the Western movies, where the ‘good guys’ wear white hats, while the bad ones wear black hats.

Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Cut Out of Your List

1. Unrelated Keywords

Before, many people tried to include many irrelevant keywords for more hits on their page. However, this might convince a person to access your page, but it won’t convince them to come back. Think about the fact that whenever someone looks something up, they want to get useful information as soon as possible.

2. Cloaking

This is one of the most common black hat SEO techniques people use to get what they want. Basically, this technique consists in creating two different pages for the visitor and the engine spider. You most likely accessed a movies, music, or antiviruses page at some point in your life and you were taken to a whole different page.

This is a short clip explaining why cloaking is wrong and you shouldn’t do it:

3. Spam Comments

It’s very easy to visit hundreds of webpages and leave comments on their pages with your page. However, this doesn’t really boost your SEO. The links you get in this way are 100% ‘nofollow’, so they don’t help you at all. If you notice somebody using this technique and spamming your own page, delete the comment since it will make you look unprofessional.

4. Keyword Stacking and Stuffing

This is different than the unrelated keywords technique. Instead of using all kinds of different keywords, here you supposedly need to add the same keyword as many times as you can. Often, you will see this results in a string of keywords that make no sense as a sentence. However, you should always respect the keyword density that matches the length of your posting and write something that makes sense if you want to have loyal visitors.

5. Duplicate Content

This refers to content that is published on more than one website. Either it’s stolen from other competitors, or it represents the same article written by a person and published on several pages on the same blog, for example. Google can’t show it all, so it must choose which is the correct version.


These are just 5 of the widely used black hat SEO techniques you may run into. If the thought of using them crosses your mind, you should be aware of the consequences. Even though before these techniques managed to have a certain success, now Google is fighting hard to remove them. In the recent years, the tech giant, as well as other search engines, intensified their efforts to offer relevant content to their users, so using such methods might hamper your ranking immediately.

Image source: depositphotos.com

Author: Amanda Knowles