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Bing Vs Google: Which Wins the Battle?

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Nowadays, search engines are essential for the online world. Out of all the search engines, Google and Bing are fighting for popularity. Today we are going to have a simple overview of them and see how they stack up against each other.

Who Is Google and Who Is Bing?


Being the most used search engine in the entire world, Google’s search engine has been founded back in 1997. The tech giant is always bringing new features, smart results, as well as constant integration with the new Google products.


Bing is the name for Microsoft’s search engine. Before, it was called Windows Live Search and MSN Search. Their approach here is to be a “decision engine”, aiming to offer real-world context instead of texts on a page.

Bing Vs Google – The Showdown

1. Image Search

One of the biggest advantages you can get with Bing is the image search feature. In general, this search engine offers higher quality images on the results page. This one gets extra points because they were the first to introduce the “infinite scroll” feature, but Google followed soon after. However, Bing offers you the advantage of search for various image layouts, whereas with Google you are more limited. However, the downside is that you can’t find GIF images with Bing.

2. Video Search

Most likely you already know that Google owns YouTube. So how could Bing offer better video search results? One of their advantages is the fact that it presents videos as a grid of thumbnails, so you can watch the video while still on the SERPs. This is a great feature for lazy people since you don’t have to click on anything else.

3. Freebies

Just like a loyalty card, Bing offers rewards to people using it through a points system. Of course, it’s not a technical advantage, but the Microsoft Rewards program seems to be quite successful. Every time you search, you get points which you can use in a lot of outlets. Meanwhile, Google has no such offer, but honestly, does it really need one?

4. Social Media

When it comes to social media integration in the Bing vs Google battle, Bing is by far the winner. Naturally, the search engine takes advantage of the partnership Microsoft has with Facebook and Twitter. It has more access to social data, which means you can find there trending news from the platforms. At the same time, Google initially relied only on Google+ for social networks. However, now you can also find tweets in the SERPs, which is great.


Both Bing and Google are great, reliable search engines. However, Bing has many more advantages than you might expect it to. Many people see it as a lower quality engine, but truth is that it offers a lot of features. From integration with social media to video thumbnails on the SERPs, it’s better than Google in some respects. However, Google remains that number 1 search engine worldwide, being the best choice for most of the Internet users.

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Author: Amanda Knowles