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Top 6 Best Social Media Management Apps 2017

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Besides the top social media apps that help you build an online presence and connect with your audience, you should also have a look at the best social media management apps this year. They help you organize various accounts, share information on several social networks at once or offer some special features to boost your posting.

The Best Social Media Management Apps You Can’t Miss


This app is great for scheduling status updates, especially with team members. It’s free for 1 social account for each platform. The free version allows for 10 scheduled posts. Meanwhile, the paid plans for Buffer start at $10/ month.

2. Hootsuite

Being named the most popular social media management app, Hootsuite supports plenty of different platforms. At the same time, it has an impressive array of settings, as well as dynamic features. It lets you monitor and post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. What’s more, it has a built-in custom analytics system, as well an ability to screen the selected keywords. It offers Pro and enterprise plans if you’re interested in it.

3. SocialOomph

The SocialOomph app can help you manage your RSS feeds, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more. It lets you track the keywords you want, schedule the tweets and promote your profiles, besides other functions. The most interesting part is that it lets you create countless profile accounts for free. However, if you want to make the most of it you should upgrade to a premium account.


This is one of the best social media management apps, even though it has a weird name. The acronym above stands for If This Then That. This app functions on a very interesting principle. You have to create your own automated actions, which are called recipes. One example would be to save all your Instagram photos automatically to a Dropbox folder. The number of recipes is unlimited, so you can adapt it to anything you need.

5. TweetDeck

This is one of the best social media management apps that targets only Twitter. Before, it was compatible with other social networks too, but then Twitter bought it and it was customized for it exclusively. TweetDeck is free and it helps you manage different accounts, keep track of various hashtags, reply to other users and keep up with what is being tweeted.

6. SpredFast

This app targets the social media strategists who love measuring analytics. Spredfast manages and measures the data related to various social platforms. With it, you can see how many users you reach and whether your audience is engaging with the content you share. Before using it, however, you will need to ask for a demo.


These are the best social media management apps which you can try this year. Some of them are free, which is great, but others offer great services in exchange for a fee. If you really need their services, you shouldn’t hesitate to pay, since they are very helpful for any business. You need to assess your needs and then decide on one of these great apps.

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Author: Amanda Knowles