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The Best Password Manager for All Your Projects

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If you’ve been reluctant to using a password manager so far, you should try to move past your reluctance. It’s simply a matter of fact that with all the new services and hubs you need to subscribe to each month, you will end up in a chaos of weak or forgotten passwords sooner or later.

Why Do You Need a Password Manager?

On one hand, using the same set of 3-4 password for most of the accounts you’ll need to create is risky. Password weakness is a major online hazard. On the other hand, using a new password each time makes it more and more complicated for you to retain all that sensitive information by yourself. Noting them all down is a hassle, not to mention risky. Resetting every password when you need it is also time-consuming, not to mention potentially risky.

The only possibility remaining, which makes sense both for convenience and for safety, is using a reliable password manager. There are plenty of good ones available for free, if you don’t feel like spending for yet another subscription right now. Still, if many of your online accounts are also linked to your bank account or other such sensitive data, perhaps you should consider the premium version of a password manager. This way, the accountability of the development team is ensured, and you can relax about data security more.

The Best Password Manager of 2016: 5 Options

1. LastPass 4.0 Premium

LastPass has been our password manager of choice for many years and we couldn’t be happier with it. It’s less expensive than some of its competitors ($12.00 per year), but works flawlessly in protecting and organizing your passwords. You can create work folders and include members of a working team with several levels of access, as well.

2. Sticky Password Premium

Ease of use is the key advantage of our next choice, the Sticky Password software. It costs $14.99 per year (while the special offer still stands) and allows you to export data safely, self-replicates and captures stored passwords automatically and so on. It also works for app passwords (a feature not every password manager can boast with).

3. Dashlane 4

Dashlane is the most expensive entry in this top of best password manager options, but its fans say it’s worth it. Billing $35.99 per year, this software allows secure sharing (with team members), creating a digital legacy and overall secure online presence etc.

4. Roboform Everywhere 7

Roboform is a password manager with 2 main current versions: Roboform Desktop 7 (which costs $29.95 per year) and Roboform Everywhere 7 (which costs $19.95). For individual use across multiple devices, so you can get one less hassle off your mind, we recommend the latter. Not only is it more affordable, but it’s also the last password manager you’ll ever need if you work from multiple types of devices.

5. Password Boss Premium

Password Boss currently costs $29.99 per year and works with team (or family) sharing as well. Its safety levels and fully featured profile are truly impressive considering that the software is a rather newcomer to the field.

Whichever you choose from our list above, rest assured that your data is in good hands.

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Author: Amanda Knowles