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Top 6 Best Online Collaboration Tools

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Working remotely is a solution often adopted in the modern world. It saves us time, space, and it helps managers work with the best people who are available. However, this created the need for some online tools that can facilitate communication between members of the same team. Today we are going to look at the best online collaboration tools you can find.

Best Online Collaboration Tools Available Online

1. Slack

Having been named the best tool for online communication in business, Slack offers plenty of fantastic features. You have a free trial available, which is great if you want to test it first. You can create open channels for discussing various issues, offer support for private groups, share files, perform a deep search and sync all the info you need.

2. Yammer

This is a social network that focuses mostly on business communication. Employees can collaborate across locations, apps, and departments, which is very useful. It’s easy to join this great platform, you only need a working email address from the company’s domain and you’re set. You also have the option of creating groups, which is handy if you want to cut down on the noise in your newsfeed.

3. InVision

The third tool on our list with the best online collaboration tools is InVision. Unlike the previous two, this focuses more on designers. Briefly put, it converts your design into an active prototype that includes animations, transitions, and gestures. You clients can offer you feedback through their comments on the designs. Moreover, you can keep them updated with the progress through your to-do lists. The first project is free, but then you will have to pay an amount starting from $15 each month.

4. Skype

Obviously, everybody has heard about Skype before. There is a reason why it’s on the list with the best online collaboration tools, and that is because it’s free. You can call your boss and talk even if you’re on your laptop and they’re on their phone, for instance, which allows for more freedom. The group call feature is also very important if you have a big team.

5. Google Keep

Keep is an app designed to help you get together all your lists and ideas. They have an iOS and an Android app, as well as a website. It has an intuitive design and you will learn to use it quickly. Moreover, you can share your to-do lists or ideas instantly.

6. Chanty

This is a simple, yet efficient business messenger app. It is particularly useful for small teams who want to become more productive. It’s an instant messaging tool where you can search anything you want in the history, share files or keep together various notifications from several services. You can even enjoy an answer-predicting tool that saves you time.


The apps mentioned above deserve their place on the list of the best online collaboration tools through their usefulness and ingenuity. There are plenty others out there, which is good since you’re sure to find one that matches your and your team’s needs at the same time.

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Author: Amanda Knowles