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Top 7 Best HR Software of 2017

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Though it wasn’t that popular in the beginning, HR software has become an extremely useful tool for almost any company. However, the offer available on the market can be quite confusing sometimes. For this reason, we bring you some useful info for making a decision. Today we are looking at the best HR software you can use this year. The following does not represent a hierarchy, but simply a list of the best options.

Best HR Software This Year

1. Bamboo HR

Some say this deserves to get the first place in the top. It is perfect for small or medium-sized businesses. It offers a great cloud-based system with an integrated applicant tracking feature. Besides, you can also use performance management features, e-signatures, time-off tracking, as well as a mobile app for your employees.

2. Workable

The greatest advantage with this HR software is the intuitive and flexible interface. You get some hiring pipelines that update you about each job by showing you the rich candidate profiles. Moreover, you can use a candidate database and a talent CRM to monitor progress in time. Plus, you also get interview kits and you can use customized scorecards for some actionable feedback.

3. Zoho Recruit

Our third position is a one-stop online recruitment software. What people love about this HR software is the fact that it is highly customizable. Moreover, it has some interesting features. You can enjoy publishing jobs to websites, to job boards, creating custom reports, sending texts, etc.

4. Jobscience Talent Acquisition

The Jobscience Talent Acquisition is perfect for companies who plan to hire internally. It has an applicant tracking feature, a payroll management one, as well as compliance management, onboarding, employee database, time off management, time sheets or employee lifecycle management.

5. UltiPro

The Ultimate Softwares UltiPro program is great for improving an employee experience. Consequently, you can manage the payroll more efficiently and even save up some time. You can facilitate your employees’ continuous development and learning, get some advanced surveys and sentiment analysis, as well as lead smarter results.

6. Dayforce HCM

Made by Ceridian, this useful HR software comes with some innovative technology. Business owners and people who work in the HR field can use it to manage, pay, attract and develop their personnel. As such, it is useful for creating a great team and it helps to make better decisions. Moreover, you can choose the right solution for the size of your organization.

7. Kronos Workforce Ready

Our last entry in the top is a human capital management suite of useful tools. They are found together on a unified cloud platform that can help you manage the employee lifecycle from start to finish. Moreover, time tracking, onboarding a pay roll are just a few of the attractive features found on this program.


Finally, the HR software examples given above are some of the best you can currently find on the market. It’s important to choose the one that offers features suitable for your company. Don’t rush to pick any of them, read some reviews and you’ll make the right choice. Combine it with a task management software and you get the best solution.

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Author: Amanda Knowles