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Best Essential Oils For Anxiety

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With today’s lifestyle and pressure from all sides, it’s easy to get anxious and stressed. Other times the anxiety is a chronic and pervasive nature, which could be indicative of mental illness. 

In this article, we look at some effects of anxiety and some of the best essential oils for anxiety. 

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What are the Effects of Anxiety? 

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The American Psychological Association estimates that 75% of Americans experience anxiety and stress at least once a month. Rampant stress affects the body, and it can manifest in various ways. You may be irritable, suffer from insomnia, or experience digestive distress. 

Anxiety also affects the immune system, something that could lead to chronic disease and oxidative stress due to inflammation. What’s more, pervasive anxiety can interfere with your overall wellbeing, including your social, emotional, and personal relations. 

It’s normal for anxiety to accompany depression, which means you can slowly lose interest in activities you love and shut from the outside world. Although the prevalence of these disorders is high, some remedies can help deal with these illnesses.

Methods of Treating Anxiety with Essential Oils 

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You can use essential oils in various ways when dealing with anxiety. These methods include adding essential oils to your bath, massage, inhaling the oil, and room diffusion. 

With diffusion, all you need is to put a few drops of your favorite oil in a room diffuser to use through the rest of the day. You can also inhale the oil by placing some on your hands and taking slow breaths to help calm anxiety. Alternatively, pour some drops on a handkerchief and inhale the aroma. 

You can add some few drops of your essential oil to your bath water to combat anxiety. For those with sensitive skin, you should consider diluting the oil with a carrier to protect your skin.

10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety 

Ancient human beings have for a while used essential oils, herbs, and aromatherapy to deal with most ailments. Below are some of the best essential oils for anxiety, including some characteristics that make them useful.

Rose Essential Oil 

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Rose essential oil is an extract from the petals of a rose flower. Rose flowers are well known to help relax the senses through their floral scent which is quite enchanting. A study conducted in 2014 showed that the use of aromatherapy foot bath could help reduce anxiety, especially in pregnant women during the labor time. 

Rose essential oil is associated with boosting self-esteem, promotion of hopeful feelings and even increase in joy. The various ways to use rose essential oil is through rubbing on your wrists or neck, inhaling, or diffusing 2 to 3 drops.


  • Rose essential oil can help people suffering from depression
  • The essential oil also helps to boost joy and self-esteem
  • Rose essential oil has an enchanting scent which helps to relax the senses
  • Rose essential also helps to promote peace, well-being, and tranquility


  • Rose essential can cause burns
  • The oil can cause redness and sting
  • Rose essential oil can also cause irritation

Lavender Essential Oil 

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You can apply Lavender essential oil in any mood. The oil is a favorite with people looking to calm down after a long day or those struggling to sleep. 

The lavender essential oil contains a high content of linalool and linalyl acetate, and because of that, the oil oozes out a fresh floral aroma. Studies indicate that these features included in Lavender essential oil help to ease anxiety and promote relaxation. 

There are three ways to use the oil. You can inhale 2 to 3 drops; mix approximately four drops with two drops of clary sage oil, three tablespoons of Carrier oil like coconut, or even Moringa oil. The third way to use the oil is by rubbing 1 or 2 drops to relieve headache.


  • Used by most people to reduce stress
  • The lavender essential oil can get rid of insomnia
  • The oil can also help to improve concentration
  • The lavender essential oil is helpful as it calms any form of agitation


  • It can sometimes irritate when applied to the skin
  • When you take lavender by mouth, it can cause constipation, an increase in appetite, and a headache.
  • The lavender essential oil may be unsafe for children

Bergamot Essential Oil 

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Bergamot essential oil is an extraction from bergamot oranges, and therefore it has a citrus scent. It is one of the best essential oils for anxiety. You can use bergamot essential oil through diffusion, inhalation, and rubbing about 2 to 3 drops on your stomach, feet, neck, or hands. When applied on these areas, the oil gets into your bloodstream which eventually provides relief from symptoms.

A 2015 study on trials conducted on both humans and animals showed that bergamot essential oil could improve the mood, stimulate the blood flow, as well as provide relief from anxiety. Ingredients of antidepressant medications usually contain Bergamot essential oil due to its beneficial properties which help to reduce anxiety.


  • Bergamot essential oil helps to clear the mind
  • Bergamot essential oil can also invigorate your senses
  • The oil can also help your nervous system to relax


  • Bergamot oil is not safe for children to take by mouth
  • It is not safe to use on skin for pregnant women
  • The oil is not safe to use by people with diabetes as it lowers blood sugar levels
  • The use of bergamot essential oil on the skin can also cause rashes, pigments, scabs, as well as blisters.

Orange Essential Oil 

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The orange essential oil has an uplifting and powerful fragrance. The fruit oil is quite intense with the proven benefits of relieving stress.  

Research shows that orange essential oil can help relieve stress and anxiety. Therefore, it’s among the best essential oils for anxiety. The various ways you can use the oil is through inhalation, stress relief blend, and diffusion. For the stress relief blend, you can take two drops of lavender oil, three teaspoons of carrier oil, and mix them with six drops of the orange essential oil.


  • You can use orange essential oil to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • It can help to reduce the prescription use for people who are taking antidepressant medication.
  • The orange essential oil can help increase the flow of blood.
  • The oil can also help to boost your immunity.
  • The orange essential oil can also help promote urination.


  • Using orange essential oil during pregnancy or breastfeeding is unsafe.
  • The oil has phototoxic nature. Therefore, when you apply on the skin, you should avoid sunlight exposure for about 24 hours.

Chamomile Essential Oil 

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Chamomile essential oil is quite popular due to its alluring scent, calming, as well as soothing properties. When it comes to the treatment of anxiety, this essential oil can help alleviate the problem.

There isn't that much research concerning chamomile essential oil in the treatment of anxiety. However, the bit of research conducted shows that chamomile essential oil is beneficial for people who suffer from mild, or moderate generalized anxiety. 

The various ways to use the oil effectively is by diffusion, inhalation, or by massage. You can inhale chamomile directly from the bottle, or dilute the oil then massaged on the skin directly.


  • Chamomile essential oil provides a sense of calm to the body and mind
  • It helps to promote a joyous feeling.
  • You can use chamomile essential oil to reduce the lack of sleep.
  • It can help treat digestive disorders such as nausea, indigestion, vomiting, flatulence, and lack of appetite.
  • It can help to treat sore throat and inflammation.


  • Chamomile essential oil can irritate the eyes when applied on the face.
  • Use of chamomile essential oil can cause a hypersensitive reaction.
  • It can also cause a skin reaction or contact dermatitis.
  • It can also cause an allergic reaction.
  • When you take large amounts of chamomile essential oil, it can cause vomiting.
  • It is not safe to use during pregnancy or if you’re breastfeeding.

Jasmine Essential Oil 

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Jasmine essential oil is an extract from the Jasmine flower. Jasmine essential oil alleviates anxiety feelings, uplifts your mood, and stimulates the mind.

Jasmine essential oil produces a feeling of confidence and optimism. It has been used traditionally for many years as a natural remedy for depression, insomnia, low libido, and anxiety. Current research confirms that these traditional uses are accurate and effective.
If you want to use Jasmine essential oil, there are three ways to do so. You can inhale directly from the bottle, apply a few drops on your wrists or ankles to help reduce anxiety or mix one drop with one drop of ylang-ylang oil, four teaspoons of Carrier oil, and three drops of Grapefruit oil. You can use the blend as a stress relief massage.


  • Jasmine essential oil helps to treat stomach pain resulting from diarrhea.
  • You can use the oil for mental alertness, although the evidence provided for this is conflicting.
  • You can use the oil for the treatment of cancer.
  • It is used to provide relaxation.
  • You can use it as an aphrodisiac.
  • People with liver issues such as cirrhosis or hepatitis can use jasmine essential oil as a remedy.


  • It is not safe to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • The essential oil can cause allergic reactions.
  • It is not safe to take in large amounts.


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Zen MONQ is a formulated blend. The blend includes black pepper, frankincense, spearmint, sage, tea tree, dill seed, rosemary, ylang-ylang, eucalyptus, and lemon. 

Scientific studies show that the Zen MONQ blend helps to provide relaxation to users. You can directly inhale Zen MONQ, use when bathing by adding several drops in the water or diffuse it either day or night.  


  • Being aromatherapy, it helps to lower the levels of stress.
  • You can use Zen MONQ to enhance the mood.


  • It is not safe for minors.
  • You should not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • You should avoid using Zen MONQ in large amounts.

Clary Sage Oil 

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Clary sage oil is an antidepressant and features an excellent aroma. It is among the best essential oils for anxiety we also recommend. Clary sage oil uplifts your mood and provides ease to the feelings of anxiety.

Research shows that the Clary sage essential oil helps to boost confidence and self-esteem. It also provides a calm feeling to the user in case they have anxiety or stress. The essential oil can help to increase the levels of dopamine in the body and brain.

The various ways to use Clary sage oil is through bath by adding a few drops in warm water, through inhalation, and diffusion. To use the oil through the diffusion method, you should add two drops of orange oil and mix with six drops of the clary sage oil.


  • You can use Clary sage oil to reduce stress levels.
  • Clary sage oil can help to fight bacteria as it has antibacterial properties.
  • Helps to alleviate symptoms of menopause.
  • Clary sage oil reduces menstrual cramps.
  • You can use clary sage oil as a natural depressant.
  • Clary sage oil also helps to improve digestion.
  • The oil works to improve circulation in the body.


  • Some studies show clary sage oil can increase estrogen in your body.
  • Research also shows that a large part of clary sage oil is anecdotal.
  • Clary sage oil is not suitable for people with low blood pressure.
  • You should avoid using heavy machinery or driving after taking clary sage oil.

Frankincense Essential Oil 

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Frankincense essential oil is an extract from the resin of the Boswellia tree. That is in Somalia, Africa. Frankincense essential oil can help ease anxiety and stress due to its musky and sweet aroma scent.

Frankincense essential oil contains sesquiterpenes which are molecules that help to alleviate anxiety effects because they can travel through the blood-brain barrier.

To use frankincense essential oil, you can either diffuse several drops or take four drops of the oil and blend with four drops of Jasmine oil, four teaspoons of Carrier oil, and two drops of lemon oil. You can also use the essential oil when taking a bath by just adding a few drops in the warm water.


  • It helps to boost the immune system and prevent illnesses.
  • Frankincense can reduce negative emotions and stress.
  • You can use frankincense essential oil to fight cancer.
  • Prevents aging signs and even heal skin.
  • You can use frankincense essential oil to boost your memory.


  • Ingesting the oil can cause toxic effects.
  • Frankincense essential oil can cause allergic reactions or irritation.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking frankincense essential oil.
  • Avoid self-treatment with frankincense essential oil.
  • It is not suitable for children. You should also ask the doctor before giving to a child.

Sandalwood Essential Oil 

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Sandalwood essential oil is suitable when dealing with anxiety problems. This essential oil helps to provide peace, increase focus, as well as concentration.

Sandalwood essential oil has a therapeutic effect and woody aroma which are quite powerful for the brain and helps to balance the emotions. Several studies have proven sandalwood essential oil to be effective in alleviating anxiety.

To use sandalwood essential oil you can inhale, blend, or apply directly on the ankles and wrists. To combine, you should add six drops of the essential oil, four teaspoons of Carrier oil, and two drops of Rose essential oil.


  • Sandalwood essential oil helps to provide mental clarity.
  • You can use this essential oil as a natural aphrodisiac.
  • It helps to give a calming and relaxing feeling.
  • You can use the sandalwood essential oil to reduce aging signs.
  • It features active components which help to fight cancer.


  • Not suitable when breastfeeding or pregnant.
  • Sandalwood essential oil is not suitable for children.
  • More extended usage of sandalwood essential oil can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Ingesting sandalwood oil can cause nausea, kidney damage, itching, abdominal pain, and even vomiting.
  • Sandalwood can trigger allergic reactions in some people.
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Buying pure essential oils is crucial. Read the bottle labels to find out the source of the oil. Buy oils from reputable distributors known to sell organic products to ensure that the oil is unfiltered and undiluted. Be careful of oils with genetically modified ingredients. 

Remember that people react differently to oils and blends. Experiment with different essential oils to see which one works best for you.


These are some of the top ten best essential oils for anxiety; each of the oil has its benefits and side effects. You need to note that essential oils are quite powerful, and what may work for someone else doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you. Therefore, it is wise to seek medical advice from a qualified physician before trying out anything new regarding essential oils.

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Author: Amanda Knowles