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Top 4 Best Email Service Providers that Offer Free Accounts

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What makes a free email service provider the best? The criteria we took into account when ranking them are security, features, how easy they are to use, their lag time, spam filters, and just how good their mobile apps are. All of these lead us to choose a few of the best email service providers which offer free accounts. Here they are.

1. Gmail

Top spot goes by far to Gmail. All its functions and tasks are very well marked and easy to spot. Therefore, you don’t have to fumble around trying to find something. It recognizes a spam email and puts it in the right folder. After 30 days, Gmail deletes it forever. One of the things we liked most about Gmail is that it links with Google Translate to translate your emails for you. Hence, if you have this as a business account and your associates are foreigners, Gmail is there to assist you.

2. Yahoo Mail

Despite the fact it took quite the tumble in the past few years since Gmail has been on the rise, Yahoo Mail is still holding strong. One of its pluses is that all its spam filters are automatically turned on. Therefore, you needn’t worry. Plus, if you happen to move a piece of mail to the spam folder yourself, then Yahoo will redirect anything that you get in the future from that sender into spam.

However, our most favorite feature of all when it comes to Yahoo is the fact that it allows you to block senders. The best part of all providers doesn’t offer this for free. This is why Yahoo Mail is one of the best email service providers that offer free accounts.

3. Outlook

Most people who have an Outlook account use it for business, we all know that. And it’s a good thing they do. Outlook allows you to send an attachment as big as 50MB, while all the others can only go up to 25MB. However, the process of actually sending something is a bit overly complicated, so all this extra space comes at the price of time and patience.

When you do want to attach something, you must choose between physically doing so or putting your file in the cloud and then sending a link to your recipient. Of course, the latter means you can send much bigger files since they are in the cloud.

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4. Honorable Mentions

Even though Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook are the top three and best email service providers with free accounts out there, we have to list some honorable mentions as well. These include providers such as AOL, which you might remember from your teen years. It has that fun greeting message You’ve Got Mail, made famous by the movie with the same title. There are also GMX, Zoho Mail, ICloud, and Proton Mail, in case you want to switch things up a bit and surprise your friends.

Still, the top three best email service providers that offer free accounts are Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook. They are also the most famous and not because of branding but because they actually are the best, considering all the criteria we’ve already mentioned. How about you? Which one is your favorite mail service provider? Let us know in the comment section below. You’ve got mail!

Author: Amanda Knowles