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Top 5 Best Charities to Donate to for a Better World

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Donating is a great way of helping less fortunate people, and an even greater way of making the world a better place. However, there are so many wonderful charities nowadays that it can be increasingly difficult to choose one to donate to. Some would advise to pick a cause that you are really passionate about, but what if you are passionate about many things? Today, we thought we’d help you out and suggest 5 of the best charities to donate to, from 5 different fields. Let’s have a look!

Best Charities to Donate to and Make a Difference

1. Oxfam

If you want to help children stay in school and get provided with the proper nutrition, then you should consider donating to Oxfam. They have a school lunch program that focuses on both properly nourishing children during school hours, and motivate them not to quit school and focus on their education. Even a small donation, such as $100, makes two children enjoy healthy school lunches for a whole year.

2. Development Media International

This charity focuses on television and radio campaigns designed to raise awareness about how certain health issues that women and young girls have to deal with can affect their entire life. For instance, they focus on talking about the prevention and treatment of diseases such as HIV or AIDS. Or on how child marriage can create all sorts of issues for young girls. So if you want to support a charity that focuses on women’s wellbeing, you should donate to this one.

3. Evidence Action

If you are looking for a charity that focuses on general issues such as water cleanliness, Evidence Action is the one to donate to. They use an extremely cost-effective and safe technology of water chlorination. That’s because they want to provide people with the possibility of consuming clean water. Currently, over 2 million people benefit from this initiative. However, the charity wants to offer clean water to 25 million by 2018. If you want to help them out, every donation will be appreciated.

4. One Acre Fund

One Acre Fund works to reduce hunger in East Africa. There are a lot of agricultural areas there, where a lot of people can only use farming to get something to eat. Which also means that many of them do not get the proper nutrition. Or even the proper amount of food a person should eat on a daily basis. This charity helps people who have small farms to develop them and grow more crops to feed themselves and their families.

5. Innovations for Poverty Action

Finally, if you can’t decide which charity to donate to, we suggest you consider donating to Innovations for Poverty Action. Why? Because they work with many other charities, NGOs, businesses, and governments. What they aim to do is come up with all sorts of solutions for world poverty. They first analyze the phenomenon, and then advise on the best way to proceed.

If you were looking for a worthy charity where you can donate and make a difference, we hope our short list of best charities to donate to has helped you decide on your favorite one.

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Author: Amanda Knowles