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Top 5 Best Books for Entrepreneurs to Read Right Now

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Reading is one of the activities that will never cease to be helpful. Entrepreneurs know this the best since they have to constantly read in order to improve themselves, as well as their company. But which are the best books for entrepreneurs? Instead of wasting time with the wrong books, check out the list below!

Best Books for Entrepreneurs This Year

1. Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

Praised as one of the best books for aspiring entrepreneurs, The Fountainhead presents the struggles of Howard Roark, a young architect who has to go through a lot of challenges. The title comes from the idea that the ego of the man becomes the fountainhead of progress. Though it was written back in 1994, the ideas contained in it are still valid. You can find the book on Amazon for $16.75.

2. Peter Drucker, The Effective Executive

Jeff Bezos, who is the Amazon CEO, asked his senior managers to read this book. It deserves to be on the list of best books for entrepreneurs in 2017 because it has some valid management concepts. One of the ideas is that both employees and managers have to work together and have common goals. It is useful if you are interested in decision-making and time-management habits. Find The Effective Executive on Amazon for $9.07.

3. Phil Knight, Shoe Dog

One of Bill Gates’ favorites, Shoe Dog presents the story of Phil Knight’s experience with entrepreneurship. It is one of the most interesting entrepreneurship books you can find this year. It shows the evolution of the Nike company and it’s useful if you want to learn how to become an entrepreneur. Shoe Dog is available on Amazon for $17.84.

4. Dan Lyons, Disrupted

This book tells the story of a seasoned journalist who gets a job in a startup in software marketing. At Hubspot, he writes about his life there and talks about investors, capitalists, and entrepreneurs. It is interesting to notice the environment in which he works and lives. You can find Disrupted on Amazon.

5. Maciej Kranz, Building the Internet of Things

This is a really practical book, or rather a handbook, made for entrepreneurs. It focuses on the business implications regarding the Internet of Things. From here you can find out about the spread of the ideas, the impact and the opportunities that appear every day in the field. It’s a good read if you don’t know exactly what IoT (Internet of Things) is and want to find out more about it. Find Building the Internet of Things on Amazon.


These are only 5 of the best books for entrepreneurs you should read this year. There are also countless others that deserve a chance. However, if you don’t know where to start, the list above is a great source of ideas. Alternatively, you can also try some of the best audiobooks of all time, if you’d rather listen to them. Usually, bookshops have a special section for business culture books where you can find them both printed and in an audio format.

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Author: Amanda Knowles