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Top 4 Best Audiobooks of All Time for Personal Development and Beyond

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Are you too busy to sit down and read a book? At the same time, do you crave new information and the possibility to learn new things about yourself and the world around you? We have the perfect solution for you: audiobooks. The great thing about audiobooks is that you can simply download them and listen to them whenever you have the time, like on your way to work, or while cooking dinner. Since we know how much you enjoy personal development, we thought we’d recommend 4 of the best audiobooks of all time that deal with this topic and more.

4 Best Audiobooks of All Time for Personal Development and Beyond

1. When Things Fall Apart

As discouraging as the title sounds, this audiobook by Pema Chodron is full of positivity and light. That’s because the author talks about what we can do when we feel like things around us are falling apart. She believes that each of us has access to happiness, even in times when things seem impossible. Don’t worry, she also talks about how to access this happiness. One of the strategies involves approaching suffering with curiosity, without fear, and compassionately. This will determine us to use suffering to our advantage and learn from it.

2. Getting Things Done

David Allen’s audiobook might determine you to redefine the way you approach time management. Allen explains that nowadays, it’s almost impossible to manage our time, set priorities, or fight procrastination. Then, what is there to do to get things done? Well, we need to clear our minds and organize our thoughts so that we can be productive and creative. We also need to be able to change our approach when the situation changes, and avoid feeling overwhelmed. These are a few of the things Allen teaches you in his audiobook.

3. The Road Less Traveled

No, this is not a Robert Frost poem, it’s a M. Scott Peck audiobook. In it, Peck talks about a journey to true spiritual growth. He wants to help listeners explore their relationships and their nature, and work towards serenity and knowledge of self. Not only does this audiobook aim to help us know ourselves better, but it also focuses on knowing the people around us and distinguishing between relationships that benefit us and relationships that are damaging to us. Peck doesn’t push his listeners too hard. He acknowledges that the road ahead is long and can be difficult, which is why he acts as a guide.

4. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

The last audiobook we wanted to talk about today is one by Malcolm Gladwell, which is already a well-known author. In this audiobook, he tackles the choices people sometimes make in the blink of an eye. These are choices that we don’t think about at all, or so it would seem. Some people make these decisions and win, while others struggle and take their time yet still fail somehow. Why does this happen? Gladwell tries to answer this question in his captivating audiobook.

The next time you feel like listening to an audiobook, go back to this list of 4 of the best audiobooks of all time related to matters of personal development and beyond.

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Author: Amanda Knowles