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4 Experts Explain the Benefits of Content Marketing

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Advertising your business or product is the first way to success in any field. The more people know about it, the better. Whether you decide for offline or online marketing or both, it’s important to focus on the content. Today we are going to see what experts in the field have to say about this and what are the benefits of content marketing.

4 Benefits of Content Marketing

1. Boosts Brand Awareness

One of the biggest benefits of content marketing is that it boosts the brand awareness. Dan Antonelli explains that consistency is essential for any such strategy, and this can help raise awareness about your brand. Offering people fresh content regularly will only make them interested in your topics. But why should we believe Dan Antonelli when he explains these things? The reason is simple: he currently is the President and CCO at Kickcharge Creative so through his advertising business managed to find the secrets to success.

2. Establishes Authority

The more content and useful information you have, the more people in the field will see you as an authority. The CEO of evolvor, David Koji, explains that it’s essential to brag about your skills. Showcase your knowledge and your skills and be proud of what you can offer to your audience. Once you accomplish this, you open your way to becoming an authority in your industry.

3. It Increases Interactivity

Interactive content is much more attractive than any other type. And a good marketer knows this well. Derek Miller is an expert when it comes to the benefits of content marketing, as well as a social media strategist. He teaches us that it’s important to include interactive elements in our content. Not only this attracts more viewers, but it makes them interact more with your page. Once again, content marketing is a great tool for establishing authority in a certain field. Use infographics, digital quizzes, parallax pages, etc.

4. It Builds Your Brand

By making your target audience come in touch with your posts, you help build a serious brand. Sarah Rickerd owns Content Conquered, which is a content creation agency. She has been writing professionally ever since 2007, which makes us want to follow her expert advice. According to her, there are several steps we need to take when using content marketing for the best. Here you have a brief list of tips:

  • Offer a unique perspective;
  • Bring new things;
  • Empathize with your target audience;
  • Be human;
  • Take advantage of your strengths;
  • Challenge your audience, etc.


There are plenty of benefits of content marketing, if only you know how to use them rightly. Many experts in the field give advice on this topic, and some of the tips above are very valuable. Try to publish focused and valuable content. Put yourself in the shoes of your followers. What would you like to see on a page you follow? Bring fresh content that will keep your audience loyal. At the same time, use content marketing to create your brand and raise awareness about it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles