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Learn More About Automatic Data Processing from 3 of Their Trusted Clients

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Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is a HR management services and software provider. The U.S.-based company got an AAA credit rating from both Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, being only one of four companies who ever got one. It’s known worldwide due to its qualitative services, which include solutions for human resources, benefits and tax administration, and payroll. If you’ve ever considered becoming their client, you’re going to enjoy what we’ve prepared for you today. Here are 3 existing clients talking about their experience with Automatic Data Processing.

3 Automatic Data Processing Clients Discuss the Company

1. Quality Business Growth

Steve Roderick, owner at Roderick’s Payroll & Bookkeeping Services, remembers how his business used to use a smaller software that wasn’t up for the task. This caused him to take care of a lot of clerical duties by himself. In 2008, he discovered Automatic Data Processing. This was a monumental year for his business, since from 2008 to 2009, it grew 39 percent. In 2008, he had about 80 payrolls. That number grew to 205 with the help of Automatic Data Processing.

Roderick points out that the company offers qualitative services, and this helps him treat his customers better as well. As a result, he wouldn’t change to another provider. He is confident that if there would ever be an opportunity for an acquisition, his company would be able to jump on it due to ADP.

2. Personal Attention and Flexibility

The reason why Randy Myers, CPA at PBMares, LLP, decided that recommending ADP to his customers was a good idea is because they were looking for companies that could answer their questions at all times. One of the greatest things about Automatic Data Processing is that they focus a lot on personal attention. This is done through local contacts, people who come in and take care of the needs the customers have. Moreover, when customers call the 24-hour line or the local rep, they get to talk to an actual person, which is not something a lot of companies offer.

Flexibility is another important aspect Myers touches upon. Clients who need to manage their payrolls from their mobile devices can do that with ADP. The service is extremely easy to use and reliable. Ultimately, Myers is extremely confident in the future of Automatic Data Processing.

3. Payroll Client Base Sale

When it comes to working with ADP, Lewis Andrews, owner at Andrews & Company, says he wouldn’t sell his payroll credit base to anyone else. Since he has so many customers’ payrolls to deal with, there are different forms that he needs, different numbers, and so on. He describes this situation as a nightmare for HR, which was only made worse by the fact that his profit was quite low. This is when ADP came to his rescue. Now, everything is organized to the letter, his clients are satisfied, and he’s also satisfied as a result.

Automatic Data Processing is the go-to choice for a lot of business professionals. If you feel like it suits your business, you shouldn’t hesitate to test it out.

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Author: Amanda Knowles