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Top 5 App Development Software to Use in 2017

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One of the best things that come together with the technological evolution is the fact that you don’t need that much money to enter the mobile market. Up until now, you had to have quite a lot of money and months of work for an app. Thankfully, now all you need is a mobile platform and a small budget. But the hardest decision is to choose between all these app development software types that have surfaced recently. Let’s see a top of them and what makes them different from one another:

Best App Development Software You Should Use

1. Appy Pie

This mobile app developer was made for users who have no coding experience whatsoever. Despite that, they are looking for a quick and simple way to create a new app, and Appy Pie is one of the best solutions for this. However, it’s not that great if you want to include native or very specific app functions in your plan. There is a free version, but you can also upgrade and pay between $7 and $33 a month.

2. Mobile Roadie

This software was designed for custom capabilities and enterprise support. It is also great for marketers who focus on loyalty and keep their customers close. It’s not that good if you’re on a budget if you want to develop personal apps or you are trying to find the quickest way to get on the market. You have to sign a one-year contract and pay $49 or more each month.

3. Bizness Apps

If you’re looking for an app development software with a powerful content management system, you’ve just found it. It also comes with a secure hosting provider for app or website. However, you shouldn’t try it if you want to have a simple app, aimed at personal or recreational uses. You do get a free trial, after which you have to pay between $29 and $59 a month.

4. Shoutem

Shoutem was created by putting together a professional custom development function and a creator that is easy to manage. As such, you enjoy some extended design and functionality options, which is great. Don’t use it for intensive apps with an accent placed on computers, so don’t try it with video games. Obviously, you get a free trial, and after that, the price varies between $19 and $149 each month.

5. Swiftic

Having a very good rating, Swiftic was designed for small or medium businesses that need a reliable solution. The businesses that choose this app development software are usually seeking a method to drive their brand engagement. It’s not suitable for people who want a custom or intensive version of a backend database. The prices range from $41 to $57 a month. You don’t get a free trial, but they offer you a money back guarantee.


As you can see, there are plenty of app development software options on the market in case you need one. The rough part is to choose the one suitable for you and your purpose. The list above is a top that can help you get an idea, but there are lots of other options out there.

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Author: Amanda Knowles