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Age Discrimination in the Workplace and 4 Ways to Fight It

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Unfortunately, the places we work in are not discrimination free as we would like them to be. A lot of people deal with discrimination at work on a daily basis, be it related to gender, race, sexual orientation, and so on. One type of discrimination that people have to fight against is age discrimination in the workplace. Some companies or businesses choose to hire only young people. This leaves people who are over the age of 40 or 50 jobless, even if they have plenty of experience. What can we do to fight this? Let’s find out!

How to Fight Age Discrimination in the Workplace: 4 Tips

1. Understand and Prove That Your Age Is an Advantage

Even if many employers look past experience and decide to focus more on enthusiasm, potential, or even looks, the truth is that your age definitely makes you more experienced than someone who is just starting out their career. Don’t internalize the idea that your age is something that is holding you back. Wear it proudly as it is a sign that you have the necessary knowledge to get the job.

2. Train Your Skills and Learn New Ones

One of the main concerns of people who decide to hire younger employees instead of older ones is that the latter category is not able to learn new things or go through trainings and develop their existent skills. So the best thing you could do is take some new classes. Show that you are interested in developing your skills even if you are already quite knowledgeable. Prove that your age is not an obstacle when it comes to learning and being active.

3. Be Energetic, Positive, and Enthusiastic

Employees love that, and they will love you if you show them you can be as energetic and enthusiastic as you were when you got your first job. Don’t put forth an arrogant attitude that says you are already over-qualified for the job and should get it no matter what. Show you are willing to work with passion and enthusiasm. Make sure the employer knows that you will learn from the job as much as you will put in. Also, don’t try to look like a victim and bring up your age even when the employer does not. You won’t get a job by guilting the employer into it.

4. Be Active Online and on Social Media

A lot of job opportunities nowadays involve the ability to be online-savvy and able to use social media without someone teaching you. Since younger people already have the edge in what concerns online knowledge, you have to stay ahead of the game. Learn how to use social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Take a look at LinkedIn as well, since it can be very useful to you career-wise. A potential employer will appreciate the fact that you are open to new things and not afraid to grow and develop.

Since age discrimination in the workplace won’t go away unless we all do something about it, we hope these 4 ideas will be useful to you and will teach you how to fight this problem.

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Author: Amanda Knowles