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4 Experts Give Advice on How to Quit a Bad Habit

how to quit a bad habit

We all have our bad habits, some worse than others. Whether you are always chewing your nails or you are tempted to use your credit card every time you go out of the house, bad habits have a way of sticking with you if you don’t take proper action. Since having a bad habit can become like an addiction, the process of quitting one is not as easy as it may look. That is why we thought we would provide you with 4 tips on how to quit a bad habit coming from experts. Let’s have a look!

How to Quit a Bad Habit According to Experts

1. Humanize Your Enemy

Even though it might seem strange for some people to think of their credit card as a human being with a personality, Marla Tabaka swears this worked for her. We tend to be stubborn and indulge even more in a bad habit when our brain is trying to tell us this is not good for us. However, if you try to think of your bad habit as something more concrete, namely a persona of sorts, you will get the feeling you are actually fighting against something. This will give you the strength you need to push through.

2. Put All of Your Energy into One Goal

Some of us might have more than one bad habit we’re trying to break with. However, trying to quit them all at once is definitely not the way to go. Quitting only one bad habit takes a lot of time, patience, and resilience. Consequently, you should focus all of your efforts on this task, expert Kevin Daum believes. Imagine that this is like any other goal you want to achieve in your career. Identify a time frame and the steps you have to take in order to reach it.

3. Practice Saying No

Peter Economy from Inc. talks about the practice of saying no to some opportunities. Namely those opportunities that you know are not good for you in the long run. When you’re on the spot, you might accept many things that later turn out to be bad habits. That is because a lot of people have issues with saying no to something or someone. Consequently, you should practice saying no to different things. Think of the reasons why some opportunities are not good and keep repeating them to yourself. Eventually, it will become easier to say no and avoid bad habits.

4. Think of How You Are Feeling and What You Need

This advice comes from author of The Pathway: Follow the Road to Health and Happiness, Laurel Mellin. She believes that in order to quit bad habits, you should ask yourself how you feel and what you need five times every single day. The first thing you should do is figure out what are the emotions that are determining you to indulge in your bad habit. Then, you have to deal with these emotions by learning how to set limits and nurture yourself.

These 4 expert tips on how to quit a bad habit have definitely inspired us to break with what doesn’t do us any good. We hope they did the same for you!

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