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Advertising on Instagram Made Easy With These 4 Professional Inputs

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Advertising on Instagram can turn to be a very tricky and competitive business. You need to learn how to improve your Instagram marketing strategies. We all know that Instagram is a platform that is developing really fast and many entrepreneurs have tried using it. They are eager to encourage engagement on the network and establish a presence.

In what follows, we will provide some experts’ advice on how advertising on Instagram can be made a lot easier.

Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman is an Instagram advocate, a blogger, and a social media trainer. She indicates that advertising on Instagram could be easier if people used a customized link shortener to track traffic.

When advertising on Instagram, marketers need to know first how well their Instagram account is driving traffic. To make sure you accurately monitor click rates, Hermann recommends Instagram users who advertise their businesses to use a customized link for the URL in the Instagram bio.

In this way, businesses can check their data to find out how many clicks their Instagram account is sending to their company’s website.

Peg Fitzpatrick

Peg Fitzpatrick  is a social media strategist and the co-author of ‘The Art of Social Media.’ This specialist indicates that you should start with some high-quality photos to advertise your products. Make sure your photos are a bit artsy to attract many viewers and to make marketing more effective.

The best way to compose better photos and save time is to take square photos. Nowadays, many smartphones’ cameras and digital cameras have this setting. In this way, you will avoid spending time on cropping the pictures, and you will make sure that the essential elements will not be cropped out later. We all know that taking pictures via the Instagram app can limit your possibilities.

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If you own a small business, you need to learn how to improve your marketing strategies when advertising on Instagram.

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Lisa Karl

Lisa Karl  is one of the founders at Savvy Digital Business. She explains that now the most popular idea on Instagram is to share the love. Therefore, she advises businesses to cross-promote their partners. Tag other businesses in your posts and outright promoting others’ services and products. In this way, they will obtain higher recognition for everyone involved, a higher number of followers and increased sales.

Jim Belosic

Jim Belosic  is the CEO of ShortStack. The most important advice he offers to businesses that advertise on Instagram is to be strategic when it comes to the bio link. If you decide to use Instagram as a marketing tool, then you have to become more calculating when it comes to it. Big businesses that are successful on Instagram surely plan their posts so as to attract more followers.

However, even if you own a small business, you should still be confident and develop an amazing presence on Instagram. All you have to do is to use the link in the bio to connect to a landing page which features the same posts you place on Instagram. This will allow you to promote your business e-commerce site, collect entries for giveaways and gather subscribers.

Summing up

These experts offer their best advice on advertising on Instagram, helping small businesses develop and gain more followers. In this way, they will reach to have more customers by showing quality products and services.

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Author: Amanda Knowles