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Top 5 Adult Coloring Pages You Can Find Online for Free

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If you think that coloring is only for children, then you must’ve never heard of the latest trend in relaxation techniques. The adult coloring industry is booming right now. Consequently, more and more different options and patterns are created to help you relieve stress. We’re not going to lie, we too enjoy curling in bed on a Wednesday evening with a cup of hot tea and a box of colorful crayons. If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out during the day, and you need to relax before bed, you might want to give coloring a shot. Because we’d like to help you out, here are 5 adult coloring pages that you can access online for free.

Free Online Adult Coloring Pages

1. Mandalas

Perhaps one of the most famous options of adult coloring pages is a mandala, the Indian symbol for the universe. If you are a fan of more intricate patterns, then you are definitely going to enjoy coloring a mandala. Even though it might take you a while to complete the entire design, image how gorgeous it will look with all those colors intertwined as per your desire. Here is one great such example provided by Coloring Pages for Adults.

2. Landscapes

Definitely a close second in the top preferences for adult coloring pages are those that depict different types of landscapes. It can be something as simple as the sea, or as complex as an entire village or city. Again, the choice depends a lot on your preference as well. Some people feel like they have to concentrate too much when the patterns are really intricate. Consequently, they prefer something simpler. At the same time, others feel like the whole point is to focus really hard to get your mind away from other concerns.

3. Art

Wouldn’t you like to color in a famous drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci? Well, now you can. There are a lot of free adult coloring pages out there that focus on art. It can be ancient art or very recent one. So if you have a favorite artist or painting, make sure to check if there isn’t any coloring page related to it. This is a great option for art buffs.

4. TV Shows

We definitely love the fact that this category exists. You will too once you see the amazing options you have. For instance, if you are a fan of the popular TV show Game of Thrones, you will be happy to know that you can find free adult coloring pages depicting Daenerys, for instance. However, this is not the only show that was taken as inspiration. So you have the chance of finding some of your favorites if you look them up.

5. Holidays

Since Halloween is fast approaching, we thought we would also mention that you can find different types of holidays depicted on adult coloring pages. For instance, Halloween seems to be quite a popular choice. Which can only be great news for people who enjoy spooky things such as skeletons. However, if you are not a fan of this holiday, you can also find pages dedicated to Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and so on.

Now that we’ve provided you with some free adult coloring pages that you can find online, all you have to do is print them out and color away your stress.

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Author: Amanda Knowles