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7 Time Management Tips from Influencers

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You came here to find time management tips from influencers. And while we can honestly say we have them and will provide them to you, the first thing you need to know about time management is that all time-related skills start with you. The time management tips we are about to list here come from influencers in all aspects of business. They should get you started on your path to maximum productivity and success.

Time Management Tips from Influencers

#1. Adam Connell was the head of a team of marketers. Nowadays, he uses all his experience and knowledge to our benefit, on a blog he calls Blogging Wizard. Here are his excellent time management tips.

  • Never check your email first thing in the morning before you start working. This strategy will ensure that your entire day will center on your personal agenda, rather on somebody else’s.
  • Take regular breaks. If you spend a lot of time working on a computer or a tablet, it becomes essential for you to rest your eyes now and then.
  • Plan your tasks the night before. Not only will this help you save time the next day, but it will also keep you focused.

#2. John Rampton

The wonderful John Rampton is the founder of an invoicing service called Due.com. Apart from this fantastic feat, he is also a marketing guru, not to mention an addict to startups. Given the fact that Entrepreneur Magazine named him the third best influencer in the world and that Forbes named him a blogging expert, you should unquestionably follow his top management tips.

  • Schedule 15 minutes six times a day so that you can check your email and social media accounts. You can also use this time to discuss with your staff.
  • Remember to create a time balance between your working hours and your personal life. Time management doesn’t refer only to your professional life.

#3. Dmitry Dragilev

If you ever used JustReachOut, the venue which helps entrepreneurs pitch press independently without PR firms, then you will be happy to know that Dmitry founded it. He has a blog called CriminallyProlific, where he writes about growth strategies. And with a name like that, who wouldn’t trust his time management tips? Here they are.

  • Dmitry uses the Pomodoro technique, otherwise known as the 25/5 principle. The equation is relatively simple. All you need to do is work for 25 minutes straight and then break for five.
  • He also uses the GTD or Getting Things Done time management tactic and you should too. It will allow you to prioritize perfectly and delegate all your tasks. You will also need to divide them into lists, which will be of great assistance to you time-wise.

The best way to correctly and productively manage your time is to learn all the time management tips from influencers we’ve listed. Knowing them by heart will then allow you to use the one which fits you best.

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Author: Amanda Knowles