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4 Positive Millennial Values Needed in the Workplace

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They are known as Millennials or Gen Y, and they usually get a bad rap for things like preference for technology over face-to-face communication, job hopping and a sense of entitlement. But it is also important to recognize the strengths that they can bring to your workforce. Just think of millennial values like binge watching; a few years ago, the phrase wasn’t recognized by Merriam-Webster. Now its the way networks hook viewers. The same can be said for millennial values; they didn’t exist a few years ago, and now they have become part of the lexicon, like it or not.

Positive millennial values needed in the workplace:

 #1. Tech Savvy Know How

Millennials literally cut their teeth on technology. Starting with little toddler hands, they grew up with Atari, then Nintendo, then Sega, then car phones, then cell phones and finally smart phones. In a recent study, nearly 70% of the professionals surveyed indicated that the use of technology was the millennial’s greatest strength.

#2. Balance Between Work and Play

Their Boomer parents were all work and no play. The bottom line was their bottom line. Relationships were on a very back burner.  And while millennials were young, the divorce rate in America hit its peak. In the pain of divided families, the millennials learned the importance of balancing both the professional and personal. Because the dollar is not a tyrant in their life, many in their generation experience the joy of a healthy rhythm between work and play.

#3. Confidence Is Not an Issue

In their generation, everyone started getting a trophy, everyone was a winner. They had what seems like endless positive reinforcement. Therefore, they are highly optimistic about the future. In spite of the fact that 40% of millennials don’t have a job, 9 out of 10 believe that they will meet their financial goals. This optimism also gives them courage to challenge every system.  Confidence can breed innovation.

#4. Great Team Players

Because millennials have a high value for diversity and integration, they make great team players. They have a deep desire to be liked, so they are intentional about relationships. The have a history of online collaboration in games and are experts in social media. They understand the importance of teamwork and lack some of the suspicion and cynicism of previous generations.

These values are, well, valuable in any business.  So let go of the bad rap; they may  deserve another trophy.

Author: Rich Stevenson

Rich Stevenson leads a network of young leaders investing in church planting and missions around the globe (www.malachinetwork.org). He has authored 5 books, including Secrets of the Spiritual Life and A Voice from Home. For more information visit: www.richstevenson.org.