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3 Team Building Exercises Which Need Minimal Preparation

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When it comes to team building exercises, everyone seems to have an idea. Some want to paint mugs, other to go snowboarding, while even more want to go on a trip where they can truly connect with their colleagues. And while all that is perfectly fine, what happens when you have no time to prepare the team building exercises? You visit our website and draw your inspiration from our ideas.

3 Team Building Exercises Which Need Minimal Preparation

1. Meals on a Budget

Think about this team building exercise as a Master Chef audition. You, the manager and two other team members of your choosing will be the judges. The others must pair up and prepare a dish of some sort. Evidently, you must ask them to do this at home and not at the office and only add the finishing touches during the team building exercises.

The team who has prepared the best dish will win the competition and a symbolic award.

Here’s a tip – if you truly want your employees to work together and get creative, set a dish for the teams and ask them to recreate it.

2. Write About the Future

Here’s another one of our team building exercises which you can do without any preparation at all. The question here will be ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ The only difference is that your employees will not answer regarding themselves, but about one of their colleagues.

Have each and every one of them write a short essay about a random colleague in which they can detail where they think that colleague will end up in five years.

3. Do the Cake Walk

If you don’t know how this game goes, here are the rules. You put up a certain number of chairs in the middle of the room. You have your employees walk and talk in a circle around them while you play some music. When the music stops, the people must quickly gather into groups of, let’s say three or four.

Whoever will remain outside of a group loses the game. It ends when there are only a few people left, and they will be the winners.

If you want to make it harder, you can try the advanced version of the ‘cake walk.’ Have people team up according to hair color, eye color, age, sex, clothing, number of children, shoe color, favorite movie, dish, or restaurant. For example, you, as the leader of the game, can turn off the music and say something in the lines of ‘Groups of four people who have the same color of eyes.’

As far as team building exercises go, this one will be ideal for obliging people to team up and work together so that they don’t lose.

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Author: Amanda Knowles